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ISLA American Solid Wood TV Console Cabinet

ISL American Solid Wood TV Console Cabinet Walnut
  • Color Classification: 
  • 1.6m TV Cabinet-Walnut
  •  1.8m TV Cabinet-Walnut 
  • 2.0m TV Cabinet-Walnut 
  • 2.2m TV Cabinet-Walnut 
  • 1.6m TV Cabinet-Antique White 
  • 1.8m TV Cabinet-Antique White 
  • 2.0m TV Cabinet- Antique White 
  • 2.2m TV Cabinet-Antique White 
  • 1.6m TV Cabinet-Elegant Black 
  • 1.8m TV Cabinet-Elegant Black 
  • 2.0m TV Cabinet-Elegant Black 
  • 2.2m TV Cabinet-Elegant Black
  • Finishing material: wood
  • Paint process: spray paint
  • Paint gloss: high gloss
  • Height: 600mm and below
  • Model: 1683M5CFS16935
  • Wood material: American Ash Wood
  • Style: American country
  • Installation method: self-assembled

1.6m TV Cabinet-Walnut
1.8m TV cabinet-walnut color
2.0m TV cabinet-walnut color
2.2m TV Cabinet-Walnut
1.6m TV cabinet-antique white
1.8m TV cabinet-antique white
2.0m TV cabinet-antique white
2.2m TV cabinet-antique white
1.6m TV cabinet-elegant black
1.8m TV cabinet-elegant black
2.0m TV cabinet-elegant black
2.2m TV cabinet-elegant black

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